Who We Are

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Our History

P&S Credit Union was organized in 1956 for the members of Plumbers and Steamfitters Local Union #19, hence our shortened name. In 1989, we added members of Pipefitters & Plumbers Local Union #57. In 2005 these two Local Unions, along with #348, merged into one Local and was renamed "U.A. Local 140 Pipefitters, Plumbers, HVAC & R." Since then, we have welcomed additional members from a variety of unions and have helped them to build financial strength and stability through personal, friendly service.

P&S Credit Union is a non-profit organization, owned and operated by members for the benefit of all who belong. By saving and borrowing together, we can provide a wide range of personal services at reasonable rates in a friendly atmosphere. All financial profits from loans and investments are returned to members in the form of dividends and other benefits after expenses and legal reserves are set aside.

At P&S Credit Union, we know that we exist because of you, our members. Our success is measured by your willingness to return and use additional Credit Union services. We have no desire to be the biggest financial institution out there, only the best one for our members.

Credit Union History and Facts


Credit Union Founded


Valued Members


Team Members

P&S Credit Union Serves...

  • Boilermakers & Welders Local #182

  • Heat & Frost Insulators Local #69

  • Iron Workers Local #27

  • U.A. Local 140 Pipefitters, Plumbers, HVAC & R

  • Members, and their family, of the former EMSCO Credit Union

  • Former employees, and their family, of Elias Morris & Sons Co. (EMSCO)

  • Family members of Local Union members

  • Residents of Salt Lake County

The Credit Union Difference

Credit Unions offer a different way to bank. We are not-for-profit financial cooperatives that are solely owned by their membership. Unlike banks, we do not have stockholders so decisions are made for the good of the membership, and not to drive stock value. Members have a direct impact on how the credit union moves forward by individually voting and electing a voluntary Board of Directors who have members best interest at heart.

At a traditional bank, you’re a customer. At a credit union, you’re a member. You belong. Unlike a traditional bank, the profits made by the credit union are given back to the member in the form of lower fees, higher dividends, and lower loan rates. True to their credo of “People Helping People”, credit unions are active in the community, offer financial education, and pathways to financial stability and success. At a credit union, your money is secure. Every individual is federally insured up to $250,000 by the National Credit Union's Administration or NCUA.

Our Volunteers


  • Rick Buchanan, Chairman
  • Allen Robins, Vice Chairman
  • Laura Thackeray, Secretary
  • Jeremy Haslam
  • Kelly Baker
  • Craig Stoll
  • Silvan Warnick



  • Connie Nielsen, Chairperson
  • David Maynard