Keep Your Financial Information Secure

Scammers are working hard to steal your information!

Dear Member,

Scammers will look for opportunities to take advantage of people, especially during times of increased stress. As a reminder, P&S Credit Union representatives will never ask for your PIN. We also will never reach out to you over the phone or via email to request sensitive information, such as your Social Security or account numbers.

If you receive any messaging that asks you to do this, please contact us immediately!

Steps to protect yourself:

  • Set up account alerts
  • Set up login alerts
  • Add a code word to your account
  • Check your credit report often
  • Don't give your username and password to anyone
  • Don't share your pin#
  • Don't accept money from someone who wants you to forward it to someone else
  • Don't use person-to-person apps to pay people that you don't know and trust
  • Don't pay companies and government agencies with gift cards or bitcoin
  • Be careful of reviews on a social media offer- they may be fake
  • Watch out for emails containing links. Be sure to check with the person sending the email to ensure they were the sender. Links can contain serious viruses.

P&S Credit Union wants to help you keep your money safe! If you are ever concerned about mail, emails, or telephone calls don't hesitate to contact us and we will help verify the validity.

Your friends at P&S Credit Union!