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P&S Credit Union personal loans take the worry out of borrowing with predictable payments that won't change over time.


Auto Loans

With GAP protection, Vehicle Waranties, Debt Protection and Low Rates, P&S Credit Union has Auto Loans that won't be beat!


Home Equity

Use the equity built in your home to access funds for major expenses with a 10 year draw and a 10 year repayment period.


Savings & CD's

As a member-owned nonprofit, our growth is tied directly to yours. That’s why we strive for superior support and service.


Online Banking

Online Banking provides secure access to your accounts 24/7 from anywhere, using your computer, tablet or smartphone.


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Put you money in your pocket with Mobile Banking. The P&S Credit Union Mobile App can save YOU time and money!

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P&S Credit Union Wants to Keep You Safe from Scammers!

We will be providing up-to-date information and ideas on how to protect you and your money from scammers and frauds in our monthly spotlight. There are numerous articles to help you and your family know the risks. A couple of great resources are https://consumer.ftc.gov/consumer-alerts and https://www.usa.gov/scams-and-fraud

Wire transfer fraud is the unauthorized or deceptive transfer of funds from one account to another. These transactions often cross borders and involve international transactions. These criminals will often exploit various avenues - compromised emails, phishing, and social engineering - to gain access to sensitive information or manipulate victims into initiating a transfer.

A couple of scenarios include:

1.     Business Email Compromise (BEC): In such a scenario, fraudsters compromise business email accounts to impersonate executives or vendors, and request funds to be transferred to a fraudulent account. The sophistication of these attacks often leads to employees falling prey to seemingly legitimate requests.

2.     Real Estate Transaction Fraud: During real estate transactions, scammers may intercept communications between the buyers, sellers, and title companies. Using forged or compromised information they may trick individuals into wiring funds to fraudulent accounts.

3.     Romance Scams: these may not necessarily rely on a romantic relationship; however, they will always rely on gaining one's trust. Once trust is established, fraudsters will create convincing stories to persuade victims into sending money through wire transfers.

Protecting yourself.

1.     Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA): Implementing MFA for emails and financial accounts will add an extra layer of security against data breaches.

2.     Verification Protocols: Establish strict verification procedures, particularly for financial transactions. Confirming the legitimacy of a request for a transfer of funds through alternate channels, i.e. over the phone or, in-person communication could be a good start.

3.     Stay Informed: Regularly update yourself and your organization about the latest tactics employed by fraudsters. Awareness is crucial in recognizing and thwarting evolving threats.

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, so do the methods employed by criminals engaging in wire transfer fraud. Vigilance, education, and implementation of robust security measures are essential to guard individuals and businesses from falling victim to the schemes. By staying informed and adopting proactive strategies, we can fortify ourselves against the threat of wire transfer fraud.


West Valley City, UT


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