Share Secured Loans

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Borrow Without Dipping Into Your Savings

P&S Credit Union Share Secured Loans allow you to build credit and receive a low rate, all while you continue to earn interest on your savings!

Borrow the money you need for the things you want with a low-rate Share Secured Loan from P&S Credit Union. Share Secured Loans are secured by your own funds in either your Share Savings Account or a Share Certificate of Deposit. So, the more you’ve saved, the more you can borrow! There is no credit check required and funds can easily be repaid with direct deposit or payroll deduction. Apply today and have your loan amount deposited into your Share Savings or Checking account -- it’s that simple!

Benefits of P&S Credit Union Share Secured Loans:

  • Share Secured Loans are simple loans secured or guaranteed by your own savings. They're an attractive loan option with a low risk way for P&S Credit Union to loan you money
  • Continue to receive interest payments on your Share Savings or Share Certificate funds pledged as collateral for the loan. That means the net interest charged agains the loan is relatively small.
  • It's a great way to establish credit for someone who has yet to take out any loans! Payment history is reported to credit agencies, while members build a strong credit profile.

Apply for a P&S Credit Union Share Secured Loan today!
Please email, call the credit union at: (801) 973-0575, or visit our office.