VISA® Check/Debit Card

Checking with Convenience


VISA® Check / Debit Card

A P&S Credit Union VISA® Check Card means less hassle and more convenience for you.

Your Regular Share Draft Checking Account is not complete without a VISA® Check/Debit Card. It looks like a credit card but works just like a check. It gives you unparalleled convenience, immediate acceptance at merchants worldwide, and the security of knowing the world's top consumer card is backing your purchases—deducted directly from your Share Draft Checking Account. And, an added bonus, use your P&S Credit Union VISA® Check/Debit Card at over 28,000 ATMs! Take advantage of all the convenience our VISA® Check Card brings.

Here are some advantages your VISA Check Card has to offer:

  • Use your VISA® Check Card everywhere that VISA debit cards are accepted. You avoid hassles over ID. There is no check to write.
  • Use it as you would a credit card when making purchases, paying for hotel/motel rooms, shopping by phone/online, or for any other reason that you would use a credit card. Since the money is taken from your Share Draft Checking Account, there's no interest to pay.
  • Use it as an ATM card to withdraw money at ATMs everywhere. You can also use it to verify your account balances, make deposits at designated ATMs, and transfer money. And, it's safe!

A VISA® Check Card is another P&S Credit Union convenience service for the way you live today. If you don't already have one, contact the Credit Union for more information.

Apply for P&S Credit Union VISA® Check Card!
Please email, call the credit union at: (801) 973-0575, or visit our office.