Direct Deposit

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Direct Deposit

Your paycheck will be waiting in your account on payday!

Quick, easy and secure! Why wait for your hard earned dollar? Direct deposit enables you to authorize a company or organization to electronically send money to your P&S Credit Union Share Savings or Share Draft Checking Account on an agreed upon date.

P&S Credit Union Direct Deposit benefits:

  • Free, reliable deposit of funds
  • No need to visit our office
  • Save time, paper and fuel
  • Direct money to multiple accounts

No more standing in line on payday! This service ensures that your paycheck and many other recurring checks are deposited into your P&S Credit Union account automatically and without worry. You can initiate Direct Deposit through your payroll department, using this form here.

Ask us more about Direct Deposit!
Please email, call the credit union at: (801) 973-0575, or visit our office.